Selling your houses seems a lot more involved these days. Gone are the days where you would whack a sign up out the front of the houses and have a flyer in your window and wait for a sale.

There are now a lot of proven marketing marketing options that can help generate enquiries as well as provide buyers with information that they need to help them make informed decisions on a property. These marketing options include professional photos, real estate videos, internet listings, and real estate floor plans.

What a lot of people don’t understand is how powerful a floor plan can be to a real estate listing, and here are 5 reasons why if you are selling a house that you need a floor plan.

  1. Highlights Them

    Floor Plan Icon on Listing
    No doubt you have scrolled through the listings and seen the floor plan icon highlighted. This is a huge advantage for sellers, as not only does it mean that believes that floor plans are important for a listing, but it also means that potential buyers are able to click straight through and have a look at your floor plan directly from search results – providing one more reason for them to look at your listing.

  2. Provides an Overview of the Houses ‘Flow’

    An example of a floor plans 'flow'

    Photos do a fantastic job selling houses! They give buyers the houses aesthetics, a feel for the size of the room and really help sell the lifestyle you could have if you owned the house. However, one thing that photos do not portray is how all the rooms work together – they ‘flow’ of the house.

    A floor plan allows potential buyers who have never set foot in your house gain an understanding to the layout and how the house works as a whole. This can be extremely helpful if buyers have specific requirements for a home and for sellers it helps pre-qualifier buyers before they have even inspected your home.

  3. Reminds Buyers of the House Layout

    Preview of a real estate floor plan

    How many times have you inspected a house only to forget important details as soon as you leave?

    Where was the laundry? Did it have any linen cupboards? How big was the garage? Was their a separate toilet?

    There are a lot of questions you have later that you are not usually able to answer by looking back through the listing photographs.

    A real estate floor plan printout  allows you to send a reminder of your listing back home with potential buyers for them to look over and discuss – keeping your listing in the front of their minds.

    (We provide both a web sized file for online listings and A4 PDF version of the floor plan specifically for handouts)

  4.  BONUS – Floor Plan with Site Plans!

    Marketing floor plan that includes landscaping

    If your yard is a big selling feature of your home, then it needs to be on your floor plan too. Whether it is an outdoor entertaining area, a pool, a shed or additional parking adding this to your marketing floor plan  can give buyers a better scope of your property and puts into focus areas that you want to highlight.

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