We now offer black and white real estate floor plans, including an on-site measure for just $99 up to a 4 bedroom house. Find our more about our black and white floor plans here.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and provide an onsite measuring service to local listings! If you are based outside of the Sunshine Coast we can still help, however we required copy of the architectural plans or a sketched plan with measurements. Contact Us to find out more!

At RealEstateFloorPlans.com.au we understand that the two main focuses of real estate agents are:

  1. Get New Property Listings
  2. Sell Your Listings Quickly and for the best Price

We believe that our coloured floor plans can help you with both!

Floor Plans to Help the Sales Process

They Answer Questions

Buyers want as much information as possible about a property as they can get, and most agents are doing a great job in trying to satisfy this need with by way of professional photos, videos and descriptive property listings.

However while all of these marketing tools target a buyers emotions, there are a lot of questions buyers may have that cannot be answered with the traditional marketing methods.

Questions Like:

  1. How much storage room did the house have?
  2. Do you think there is enough room to park a caravan down the side of the house? (A Site Plan is great for properties like this!)
  3. Would our sofa set fit in the living area?

This is just a few examples of the practical questions that potential buyers will discuss before, during and after they inspect your listing.

Wouldn’t you love to have professional and eye catching floor plan that you can provide at inspections that will answer these questions and provide reference for them to continue to discuss your listing even after they have left?

They Stand Out on RealEstate.com.au

You would have no doubt noticed the fact that RealEstate.com.au highlights the fact that a listing has a floor plan in the search results.

This is the biggest endorsement of real estate floor plans, as why would they highlight them if floor plans were not something that buyers were wanting to see on a listing?

In fact the Uk’s largest real estate portal RightMove.co.uk conducted research that found out the following about floor plans:

  • After ‘Number of Photos’ a Floor Plan is most important when looking for property
    One buyer in their research said, ‘pictures can be deceptive, a floorplan is more definitive.”
  • Buyers less likely to enquire if a property has no floor plan
    Floor plans also create qualified buyers as they are enquiring after not only seeing photographs of the property but also the layout and sizes of the property.

We have found that most of the real estate agents we work with actively promote our floor plans to their clients and we measure and create floor plans for the majority of their listings!

Floor Plans to Help the Listing Process

Once you as an agent understand the benefit that a floor plan can add to the marketing and sale of a property, you will see why it is such a great listing tool – because sellers are usually also buyers.

When someone is looking to list their property, they usually would have already found a new property to purchase or actively searching.

  • They are noticing the floor plan icon on real estate listings
  • They are having questions that a floor plan would answer
  • They are getting frustrated when they find a house they like but cant quickly get an overview of the design

And once they understand that the potential buyers of their property all have similar experiences, they will see why using an agent that believes in real estate floor plans is so important!


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